About Legato Security

With Legato Security, clients gain the foresight and expertise of an experienced and trusted cybersecurity firm trained to deal with today's cyber threats and to anticipate tomorrow's

Legato Security provides comprehensive cybersecurity expertise designed to provide 24/7 monitoring and immediate response to threats.

Our Managed Security Services and Managed Security Operations Center, known as SOC-as-a-Service, were created to give organizations a running start when it comes to cybersecurity, providing the same standard of security controls as large enterprises but without the cost-prohibitive nature of trying to build their own internal Security Operations Center. This service is designed to:

  • Give a boost to existing security teams and provide peace of mind to these teams knowing they have additional expertise they need, when they need it. 

  • As your organization scales personnel and business requirements over time, the SOC-as-a-Service is designed grow alongside those needs. 

Whether your organization is a staff of 5 or 500, our SOC-as-a-Service program will seamlessly provide continuous threat monitoring and alerting services that allows you to focus on running your business.


  • Build close partnerships with clients  

  • Act not as just a vendor but as
    trusted advisors 

  • Help clients build effective, proactive plans and comprehensive cybersecurity strategies  


  • The human, technical, and physical aspects of organizations

  • Developing forward-looking tactics to stay ahead of emerging threats and evolving technology 

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  • Commercial – 20+ years of global vulnerability management professional services

  • Advanced knowledge of network security architecture

  • Extensive network / application layer penetration
    testing  experience

  • Expertise with latest tools, tactics, and intrusion techniques 

  • Intimate understanding of human intelligence and
    insider threat

  • Government - decades of experience in intelligence and special operations communities



Our team of experts carries a wide range of security expertise including penetration testing, log analysis, threat intelligence, threat hunting, malware analysis, forensic investigations, firewalls, endpoint protection, incident response and many other security domains.


Additionally, our staff is well versed in general system administration and application management to ensure any software or hardware in a client environment compatible for monitoring by the SOC.