Incident Response

Today's cyber environment forces organizations to remain constantly vigilant against breaches. It is vital to have a plan in place before a breach occurs.

Experiencing a breach? Call us now:

In the event an incident occurs, Legato Security is able to provide services to identify and contain the attack, including:

Our experts use rigorous assessment techniques to quickly contain the effects of a cyberattack, minimizing asset losses and minimizing reputation damage. We have the skills and tools to reverse engineer the root-causes of attacks, assess the impact of exploits, and detect patterns and methods used to create malware. Once the emergency is over, our team works closely with the client to devise a comprehensive incident response plan geared toward data recovery, forensic analysis, and full remediation. 

Digital Forensics Investigation

Legato Security provides forensics investigative services in the event of data theft, defamation, reputational risk or any sort of anomalous network behavior that goes unexplained. Our experts deploy cutting-edge techniques to uncover origination of digital crimes.