Introducing the Ensemble Security Operations Platform

Introducing MDR+: Legato Security Combines MDR With Asset Intelligence to Give Customers a Deeper Level of Managed Security

SALT LAKE CITY, AUGUST 9, 2023 – Legato Security, a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), proudly announces the launch of MDR+, a revolutionary Managed Detection and Response service equipped with Aurora™, Hubble’s powerful Asset Intelligence Platform. 

MDR+ marks a significant milestone in the cybersecurity landscape, empowering organizations to achieve unmatched visibility and fortified protection against modern cyber threats. 


Legato Security’s MDR service has been setting the benchmark in the industry for years with its ability to scale and vendor-agnostic approach. Legato Security eliminates the need for costly and disruptive rip-and-replace exercises while providing managed threat detection, triage and response around-the-clock.   Folding asset intelligence into their existing MDR services creates a disruptive offering that will provide more visibility and security than other standard MDR services today.  


Aurora has been revolutionizing the way organizations manage and protect their assets by providing a complete and continually updated map of an organization’s network and all of the assets within it. The platform is known for its high-quality data, customizable dashboards, and open architecture, allowing for integration with existing security tools. 


“Legato Security’s commitment to excellence in Managed Detection and Response services finds a perfect match in Hubble’s pioneering technology,” said Tom Boyden, CEO of Legato Security. “With MDR+, our clients will gain unprecedented insight and control over their cybersecurity, empowering them to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape.” 


“Aurora is a breakthrough in asset visibility and intelligence,” added Tom Parker. CEO and Founder of Hubble Technology. “By partnering with Legato Security, we are extending our capabilities to offer an unmatched, unified solution that addresses the pressing cybersecurity challenges that organizations face today.” 


By combining the strengths of both platforms, MDR+ is set to offer unmatched cybersecurity capabilities. This includes a holistic view of technology environments, real-time threat detection, and efficient mitigation strategies. Additionally, the integration aims to provide comprehensive reports and actionable insights into security control gaps, ensuring robust cyber resilience. 


MDR+ revolutionizes managed security by delivering a proactive and always-on protection model. Leveraging the expertise of Legato Security’s team of security specialists and a state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC), MDR+ provides round-the-clock monitoring, swift incident response, and proactive threat hunting. This ensures that organizations stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries, safeguarding their networks and reputation, no matter the hour. 


Availability and More Information 

MDR+ is available now for organizations seeking a comprehensive and vendor-agnostic solution to their cybersecurity challenges. For more information, visit our website at or reach out to our sales team at 


About Legato Security 

Legato Security is a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) dedicated to protecting organizations from cyber threats. With a vendor-agnostic approach, a team of security experts, and innovative solutions like MDR+, Legato Security empowers businesses to stay ahead of cyber adversaries and safeguard their critical assets. 


About Hubble Technology 

Hubble Technology is a frontrunner in technology asset visibility and cyber posture management. Through its Asset Intelligence Platform, Hubble provides a flexible, customizable platform designed to offer businesses a trusted, accurate, and comprehensive understanding of their asset universe. 


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