Threat Hunting and Management

Simplify SOC needs and threat management operations with Legato Security's  customized security solutions — we investigate, in-depth, to find the less-obvious threats and protect your business

Legato Security takes a proactive approach to finding vulnerabilities and identifying threats to an organization’s assets. Our experts and analysts use cutting-edge technologies to capture data traversing the network, analyze data, and act to defeat potential threat actors.

Continuous dark web/threat intelligence monitoring organizations facing high risks can frequently be found on the dark web as victims of cyber attacks, phishing, or even just as “kits” for purchase to the highest bidder with the intention of victimization. Legato Security offers a continuous dark-web monitoring service to keep an eye out for these specific target attempts, evidence of breaches, and mentions from unsavory sources.


This service entails threat hunting daily on the dark web to look for credentials for sale, or other indicators a criminal or group of criminals may be planning to attack. Additionally, mentions on social media, threats being made, or other indicators will be monitored to ensure your organization has a heads-up for potential cyber security events. Our continuous threat intelligence lists are paired with this service to ensure our customers a leg-up for detecting
cyber events.